Statutory Requirement:
United States Code, Title 10 (Armed Forces) 1995
Section 2506, (6).(g).(1)

Major Program Guidance-The acquisition plan for each major defense program (as defined by DoD 5000.2, Part 1, C.4.) shall include...Analysis of the capabilities of the national technology and industrial base to develop, produce, maintain, and support such program including consideration of the factors set forth in secton 4219 (h) of this title.

DoD 5000.xx Requirements
DoD 5000.1 Part 2
C.2.a(1) At each decision point, the milestone decision authority...Assess the status of the program relative to the user's needs, the established program baseline and acquisition strategy and approved financial plans.
DoD 5000.2 Part 2
B.2. Milestone Decision Authorities-All acquisition programs shall be place into one of four categories:
(1) Acquistion Category I - Major defense acquisition program (as defined) have unique statutorily imposed acquisition strategy, execution and reporting requirements
B.5.b. Core activities that must be accomplished for every acquisition program
(1)These core activities establish and document the threat and operational effectiveness, production readiness and supportability and development and operational testing.
C.1. Milestone Review Documentation Concept - Milestone reviews require rigorous assessment of a program's status and plans for the future... The Milestone Documentation concept includes both stand alone documents and an Integrated Program Summary (IPS) requirement. Within the IPS structure lies both the Acquistion Strategy and as an Annex (C) the Acquistion Strategy Report. The Acquisition Strategy Report is one of the eight (8) milestone documentation components which are statutorily imposed requirements.
The importance of the Acquisition Strategy Report can not be emphasized enough. It plays a major role at each milestone decision point. As indicated in DoD 5000.2. Part 2, C.2.a-e., the Acquistion Strategy Report (Annex C to the IPS) is reviewed and approved concurrent with the approval of the Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM).
DoD 5000.2, Part 3
Details the specific objectives and minumum required accomplishments per phase (i.e., Concept, Dem Val, etc.) for all acquisition category programs. Without exception both the Acquisition Strategy and the analysis or assessment of the Defense Industrial Base are noted as statutorily required elements of the milestone decision support documentation. (See pages 3-6 through 3-30 of referenced policy)
DoD 5000.2., Part 5
Section A establishes the policies and procedures for developing and tailoring the Acquisition Strategy while Section E establishes the requirement to integrate defense industrial base considerations into the acquisition process via the Acquisition Strategy Report

Industrial Base Specifies
DoD 5000.2., Part 5, Section E., 2.a.
The industrial base implications of proposed defense acquisition program...objectives shall be addressed at each milestone decision point.
Paragraph 3.b. and c. clearly indicate that both the industrial base parameters and an industrial base analysis will be included in Annex C, Acquisition Strategy Report of the IPS
The requirement for an industrial base assessment is re-emphasized in 3.d.(2) and the statutory requirement is cited
In addition to citing the requirement to address industrial base parameters, 3.b. also references DoD 5000.2-M, which is the Manual for the preparation of Defense Acquisition Management Documentation and Reports.
DoD 5000.2-M, Part 4
Section D which details the preparation of the Acquisition Strategy Report (Annex C of the IPS) not only references the statutory requirement for an industrial base assessment, it also states that an Acquisition Strategy Report is designed to satisy the requirement of.
1.b.(2) Title 10, USC current section for analysis and assessment of the capabilities of the defense industrial base to develop, produce, maintain, and support major defense acquisition programs.
This reference to "current section" provides the mandate to include an assessment of the technology base to the IOD mission

Mandatory Industrial Base Assessment Requirement
All previously cited references clearly define the mandatory nature of the industrial base assessment to fulfill the requirements reviewed by milestone decision authority.
DoD 5000.2, Part 1, H.
States "Requests for exceptions or waivers to any of the mandatory (as denoted by the imperative "shall") provisions of this Instruction must be submitted to the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquistions)(USD(A)) via the DoD component Acquisition Executive [or AAE]. Statutory requirements may not be waived."

Program Manager Responsibility
While the top level approach is frequently taken within the wording of the different controlling statues and within much of the DoD 5000.xx series policy itself, the responsibility for compliance is, in fact, flowed down to the individual program manager either through the PEO chain or directly within the document.
DoD 5000.1 Part 1
D.1.a. Each DoD component with acquisition management responsibilities shall maintain a streamlined chain of authority and accountability for managing major defense acquisition programs... This chain of authority and accountability shall extend from a DoD component Acquisition Executive through Program Executive Officers to individual Program Managers.
D.6.c. The objectives of these policies and procedures (reference to the DoD 5000.xx series) shall be to establish a dicipline, rigorous acquisition management process with clear, uniform standards...structured so that they can be implemented down to the PM.
DoD 5000.1. Part 3
J. Program Executive Officers and Program Managers have authority, responsibility, and accountability in managing their assigned programs in a manner that is consistent with this Directive and DoD Instruction 5000.2, Defense Acquisition Management Policies and Procedures
J.2. Program Managers provide assessments of program status and risk in all briefings and presentations to higher authorities.
DoD 5000.2-M Part 4
Section A provides the format for the Integrated Program Summary (IPS) (Acquisition Strategy Report is incorporated into the IPS as Annex C) which clearly shows the document prepared by the PM.