From here to the Battlefield - Fast.

The PIF's Flexible Contract Vehicle provides the government lead a link to industry to rapidly assemble the right team for each unique requirement. Ideas and improvements are literally manufactured and produced here, assembled, and back to the field quickly, and efficiently.

Our Organization

The PIF is a part of the RDECOM, AMRDEC's Engineering Directorate. AMRDEC is the Army's focal point for providing research, development, and engineering technology and services for aviation and missile platforms across the lifecycle. World-class facilities, and renowned engineers and scientists.

PIF Saves Lives.

In today's world a warfighter’s needs are complex, constantly evolving, and immediate. We provide rapid response and integrated hardware solutions addressing those needs in a unique way. Since 2002, the PIF's mission has been to provide rapidly fielded products directly to the soldier.   Read More

Our Process: How we work a solution, start to finish.

Our Process