Aviation Development Directorate - Eustis (ADD-E)

ADD-E develops, matures, demonstrates and transitions critical technologies and products through technology programs and customer support that modernize, maintain and sustain Army Aviation as the dominant land force aviation component in the world.

Technical Areas

Avionics & Network, Autonomy & Teaming, Survivability, Engage & Effects, Structures, Drives, Engines, Subsystems, as well as Sustainment.


  • Provide RDECOM and the Aviation and Missile Center with resources and capabilities to support
    • Army future Research and Development (R&D) Portfolio requirements
    • Research and Development requirements from other customers
  • Transition technology, products, and capabilities to customers as well as other organizations in the Center (AED, S3I, ED)
  • Enhance complementary and integrated capabilities in areas of research and development, integration, prototyping, test, administration with other RDEC organizations (NVESD, CERDEC flight test, ARDEC, etc.)
  • Enhances Technology development and engineering activities to better meet the needs of the Warfighter
  • Coordinate and collaborate on S&T efforts with Air Force, Navy, FAA, NASA, DARPA, and other Government organizations
  • Lead and participate in technology consortiums and programs for the advancement and sharing of technology (e.g. Versatile Affordable Advanced Turbine Engine (VAATE), Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP))