Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED)

The Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED) delivers responsive airworthiness solutions throughout the system life cycle, and sustains the leadership and engineering expertise necessary to provide valued products to aviation customers.



  • Direct and support Army aviation engineering activities
  • Serve as delegated Airworthiness authority for US Army aircraft
  • Provide Army Airworthiness interface with the FAA and other Services
  • Serve as National Airworthiness Council (NAC) Army Principal
  • Serve as Joint Aeronautical Commander Group (JACG) Joint Propulsion Coordinating Committee (JPCC) Principals
  • Serve as NATO Airworthiness Working Group US Army Lead
  • Manage Airworthiness annual budget to FAA Military Confliction Office (MCO)
  • Provide a Rapid Response Initiative Manager (RRIM) co-located in the Aviation and Missile Center Prototype Integration Facility (PIF)
  • Provide Directorate wide systems engineering policy and guidance
  • Ensure workforce is knowledgeable of AED Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) content
  • Advocate for adequate source of independent Airworthiness funding
  • Serve as Army Aviation Engineering Support Activity (ESA) for Critical Safety Item (CSI), Critical Application Item (CAI), and other source controlled parts
  • Assess capability of foreign military airworthiness authorities (MAA)
  • Establish official recognition of foreign MAA as Airworthiness Authorities, as required
  • Manage Aviation Condition Based maintenance (CBM) Effort
  • Coordinate activities of all fifteen subordinate divisions
  • Prepare and Sustain Design and Airworthiness Standards
  • Review Civil, Military and International Airworthiness Standards
  • Prepare and maintain Aeronautical Design Standards (ADSs)
  • Support update of Army Regulations (e.g., AR 70-62)
  • Ensure currency of AED Airworthiness and systems engineering process SOPs.


  • Aeromechanics
  • Aviation Systems
  • Cargo
  • Apache
  • Structures & Materials
  • Sustainment Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Non-Standard Rotary Wing
  • Propulsion
  • Armed Scout Helicopter
  • Mission Equipment
  • Special Operations Aircraft
  • Utility
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Business Management