Aviation Development Directorate - Ames (ADD-A)

ADD-A plans, manages, and executes Science and Technology (S&T) related to aeromechanics, dynamics, flight control, cockpit integration, and the conceptual and preliminary design of advanced vertical take-off and landing air vehicles. ADD-A has deep roots in the simulation of rotorcraft flight, as well as wind tunnel and experimental flight testing. The division supports other Research, Development, Test, and Engineering (RDT&E) programs of DoD and NASA in their areas of expertise, as requested.

Technical Areas

Wind Tunnel Testing, Flight Research, Concept Design, Rotors, Computational and Experimental Aeromechanics, Vehicle Management & Control, and Human-Systems Interface.


  • Perform Basic Research in Physical Sciences, Flow Physics, and Computational Methodology
  • Perform Applied Research in Rotary Wing Aerodynamics, Aeromechanics, Acoustics, Structural Dynamics & Rotor Technology
  • Perform Applied Research in Rotorcraft Guidance, Navigation & Control
  • Perform Applied Research in Crew Vehicle Interface, Human Factors, Flight Control and Autonomy Technology
  • Perform Air Vehicle Concept Design & Analysis - Develop and Apply Tools and Criteria for Concept Design and Performance Assessment
  • Lead and technically guide multi-agency investments in 6.1 Vertical Lift Research Centers of Excellence at Universities and 6.2 National Rotorcraft Technology Center with industrial Vertical Lift Consortium
  • Manage and Technically Execute External Agreements (Joint and International Programs)
  • Provide Aircraft Modification, Maintenance and Flight Operation for Assigned Piloted and UAS Rotorcraft
  • Develop Technology and Test Expertise in Assigned Rotorcraft S&T Programs