Software Engineering (SED)

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Software Engineering, under S3I, is one of the Army’s software engineering life cycle management centers and is a recognized leader in supporting the acquisition, research, development, and sustainment of some of the nation’s most sophisticated weapon systems. SED provides state-of-the-art software support to non-tactical government agencies and programs, and remains an expert in the Army’s policies and practices regarding cyber security, Information Assurance, software reuse, software metrics, post deployment software support, process improvement, computer resource margins analysis and risk management. The SED’s risk based approach to performing Verification and Validation (V&V) is designed to focus on identified problem areas to ensure effective software engineering support with minimum cost. Using the facilities and the numerous tactical hardware and software laboratories, the SED provides the highest quality support in the areas of joint interoperability testing, gaming, and software and systems engineering.


  • Computer Hardware/Software Technology
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Aviation Flight Safety / Airworthiness Software Assessments
  • Software Development and Sustainment
  • Information Assurance / Cyber Security
  • Interoperability Engineering and Test (IET)
  • Software Fielding / New Equipment Training
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Software Quality Engineering


  • Acquisition & Technology Engineering Division (BAT)
  • Aviation Division (BAV)
  • Command, Control, Communications & Interoperability Division (BAC)
  • Configuration and Data Management Office (BAO)
  • Software Development Division (BAS)
  • System Support Division (BAY)
  • Software Quality Division (BAQ)
  • Tactical Missile & Unmanned Systems Division (BAU)
  • Joint Systems Integration Division (BAJ)
  • Weapons Support Division (BAW)