System Simulation & Development (SSDD)

System Simulation and Development, under S3I, provides the Army and other DoD agencies high fidelity life cycle, modeling, and simulation capabilities for their aviation and missile weapon systems. SSDD develops and provides analyses utilizing six-degrees-of-freedom simulations with embedded tactical software, In-band Imaging Infrared (IIR), laser and Radio Frequency (RF), Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL), virtual/live experimentation, virtual prototypes, constructive simulations, and large-scale, distributed simulations. This Directorate provides end-game analyses to evaluate lethality, vulnerability, and survivability, and is the Aviation and Missile Center lead for missile and fixed wing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) aerodynamics technology. As the primary Center organization responsible for modeling and simulation technology development, SSDD develops, maintains, and operates numerous simulation facilities to support internal and external customers.


  • HWIL Models and Simulations for Aviation and Missile Systems
  • Conduct Performance and Effectiveness Evaluations for Aviation and Missile Systems
  • Design and Develop Virtual Prototyping Facilities for User Evaluations of Aviation and
    Missile Applications
  • Define and Develop Modeling and Simulation Methods and Technologies for DoD Applications


  • Modeling & Simulation Technology
  • Lifecycle Development
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Operational Simulation Technologies
  • Business & Operations