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Maneuver Aviation Fires Integrated Application (MAFIA)

MAFIA provides swift communication through command levels and quickly generates precision coordinates for accurate, predictable, organic and immediate precision and non-precision fires in urban and rural environments.

MAFIA acts as a Command and Control (C2) system by creating, sending and receiving situational awareness and fire mission data between MAFIA EUDs, other C2 systems, external sensors and external weapons systems using a selection of radio devices and local area network connections. MAFIA’s ability to communicate with these systems allows it to solve the ongoing and growing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) threat through several defeat methods.

Importance to the Army

MAFIA’s primary significance to the Army is automating the multi-domain capabilities, Land—Air—Sea—Cyber—Space, at the lowest tactical level. The automation of software reduces the work load, greatly enhances the information to decision time for forward observers/FIST teams, and sets the conditions for cross-domain fires expansion across the maneuver formations below the Brigade Combat Team.

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